11 datasets

Data Explorer Examples

This group contains various real datasets that show DKAN's data previewer in action. The previewer shows a configurable grid view of tabular data, plots columns of data on a graph, and shows geo-coded data on an interactive map.

Table of Gold Prices

CSV file extracted and cleaned from source excel.

Click on Graph button under Preview and plot date (x-axis) against price (y-axis) to see a line graph. Hovering over a point gives you the value of that data entry.

District Names

You can see this data plotted on a map, by clicking on 'Map' below. Individual data records can be seen by clicking on each point.

Afghanistan Election Districts

Geospatial Data Explorer Examples

This data created by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in partnership with Development Seed, a Washington, D.C.-based online communications consultancy, is designed to make data from the August 20, 2009, Afghanistan presidential election acc